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“Carolyne Wynne had an uncanny ability to remember and describe what she saw and experienced in her vibrant life… Some of my favorite parts of Carolyne’s memoir are when she came to Atlanta and fell in love with it…enjoying our big city and it’s wonderful attractions…all the while transforming into a Southern Lady… She’s a natural southern writer and left a wonderful kind of valentine for her relations and friends as well as for people who never even knew her.”
Tucker Times
August 2018 (Volume 28, Number 8)
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“I’m the youngest daughter of Carolyne Taylor Wynne, author of the book, Through My Eyes, A Lifetime of Memories—Southern Style, published by Graphite Press. Before my mother died, she completed her charming, historical, and educational book of memoirs appropriate for adults and children of all ages. This book is not a typical memoir because it doesn’t delineate every detail of my mother’s life. Instead, my mother writes her true tales (mainly her mishaps) in the form of short tales with a laugh at myself punch line at the end of each. In looking back, I realize how effortlessly this book began…”
Up Close and Personal
November 2018 (Volume 16, Issue 6)
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“Dr. Curtis Rogers interviews Terry Wynne about her mother’s book, Through My Eyes: A Lifetime of Memories-Southern Style. From proud-to-be-Southern storyteller, Carolyne Taylor Wynne’s true tales of her life will charm you with their innocence and entertain you with their humor. Her “laugh at myself” punch lines are page-by-page reminders that the best humor often comes from being oh-so-much less than perfect. Historical, educational, and wholesome, Through My Eyes is a treasured book that families, adults, and children of all ages can read and enjoy together.”
Library Voices South Carolina
November 28, 2018 (Episode 70)
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“In this video, Terry Wynne shares her mother’s memoir Through My Eyes: A Lifetime of Memories—Southern Style, a collection of reminiscences from proud-to-be-Southern storyteller, Carolyne Taylor Wynne. Completed for publication by her daughter, Through My Eyes provides a historical and educational perspective of growing up in the South. This event was presented with our neighbors at the Georgia Center for the Book. At this event, books were available for purchase and signing.”
South Carolina Center for the Book
—Georgia Center for the Book
September 2019 (DeKalb County Library, Decatur, Georgia)
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“This is a feature interview of Terry Wynne on the radio program Off the Bookshelf. In this radio program, Ms. Wynne is interviewed about her mother’s memoir Through My Eyes: A Lifetime of Memories—Southern Style. This interview appears in two parts, and the links are provided below.
WMPC Radio Interview on “Off the Bookshelf” with Greg Bullen
April 2019

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