Advance Praise

“From the Carolina cotton fields to metropolitan China, Wynne takes readers on a journey of a southern girl’s childhood to becoming a world traveler. Her vignettes transport readers deep into rural South Carolina and connect the smells, tastes and sensations of the times. . . . From heartfelt reminiscences to humorous examples of an American in foreign locales, readers are transported into the memories of the kind of person you’d like to get to know.”
—Dr. Curtis R. Rogers
Coordinator, South Carolina Center for the Book
Communications Director, South Carolina State Library

“Carolyne Taylor Wynne writes about everyday life with twists of humor, insight, and nostalgia. Her book shows that the significance of any event is how you view it. Ideally, this book will inspire others . . . to write their own book and create their own legacy.”
—Neil Shulman, M.D.
Author/Associate Producer, Doc Hollywood
Author, Second Wind and Get Between the Covers

Through My Eyes is a down-home, Southern-style delight! . . . This charming memoir with good humor affirms the important things—life, love and family.”
—Paul Stephen Hudson
Historian, Georgia Perimeter College
Coauthor, Atlanta’s Stone Mountain: A Multicultural History

Through My Eyes is an insightful and delightful first person account of the transformation of a rural South Carolina girl into a savvy and sophisticated international metropolitan Atlanta woman. . . . [This book] offers us deep wisdom, wonderful wit, and the persistence, innovation, and courage needed to make what could be mundane into something magnificent!”
—Samuel T. Gladding, Ph.D., LPC
Chair & Professor, Department of Counseling
Wake Forest University

Through My Eyes is a funny, witty, and introspective reflection of living in the South. For those like me with Southern roots, it will bring to life your own stories. The book reminds us that life’s funniest and most memorable moments are ones spent with family.”
—Leonardo McClarty, IOM
President & CEO, DeKalb Chamber of Commerce
DeKalb County, Georgia

Through My Eyes is . . . full of humorous stories, presented in a clever style. . . . [portraying] a life of love and zest. As [Wynne] shares her memories, she reveals some of the answers to the ‘shadows’ or the ongoing and eternal questions about human life and values.”
—Laura T. McCarty
Vice President, Georgia Humanities Council

“Memoirs like this one provide not just nostalgia and interesting reading for grandchildren—they provide the raw materials that will be used by future historians to delineate the transformation of the Old South to the New South.”
—Noel Griese
Editor, Southern Review of Books

“In . . . multiple vignettes rendered in an indefatigably breezy style, the author of Through My Eyes provides an entertaining chronicle of her long life.”
—Tom Mack, Ph.D.
G. L. Toole Professor of English, University of South Carolina

“The nostalgia of the South comes alive through . . . a heartfelt memoir that captures the essence of experiencing life as a Southern lady.”
—Jimmy Blackmon
Author, Southern Roots