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This is the best book I've ever read! Carolyne's use of prose, and her ability to create a vivid visual image of her world makes this a wonderful book. I recommend it highly!
Harper LeeAuthor of ''To Kill a Mockingbird''
I really enjoyed this book and wanted to read even more. I could picture the descriptions and felt like I was present in the experiences. I could relate to some of the writings because they reminded me of stories I heard growing up in Europe, such as making do with very little and trying to cook without meat. I can’t believe all the countries Carolyne has seen! I liked reading about her travels and wanted even more details about the trips. I plan to reread this book so I can absorb more of it, then I plan to share the book with other people so they can enjoy it too.
—Erika PerzDecatur, Georgia
I truly enjoy this book. It took me on a journey to far off lands that I could never have imagined. It is a must read!
Precilla PresleyNashville, Tennessee
I found her stories light-hearted, fun and even whimsical. While some of the stories may have been embarrassing or difficult when they occurred, she was able to look at them in retrospect and see some humour or even insight. I found the short stories entertaining and liked being able to read it in bits and pieces, rather than a long narrative that required refamiliarising myself with the story-line each time I picked the book up again.
Carl MizeChristchurch, New Zealand